The North West Cambridge Development is an exciting urban extension of Cambridge managed by the University of Cambridge. At its heart is a focus on building a vibrant community, a commitment to the arts and creativity is an important part of nurturing this community and sense of place.

The Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts are working together to deliver the Art Programme for North West Cambridge Development. The Art Programme encompasses major landmark commissions, on-site artist residencies every year as well as a programme of temporary events and community engagement activities.

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New Artist-in-Residence Appointed for the Development

Sep 13th 2016
A new artist has been appointed for the fourth year of the Habitation Artist Residency programme of the North West Cambridge Development: Melanie Manchot.


Melanie Manchot: Cross Talk 2 and 3

Jan 23rd 2017

Melanie Manchot

Cross Talk 2 and 3

Melanie Manchot

Nov 21st 2016

Melanie Manchot

An ebb and flow of sculptures and drawings

Nov 20th 2014

A short text on Aid & Abet's Residency at North West Cambridge Development by Maeve Polkinhorn


Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Melanie Manchot

July 2016 to June 2017
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