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Yelena Popova

Oct 22nd 2019
Yelena Popova was born in the USSR and lives and works in Nottingham where she has a studio at Primary. She graduated with an MA…

David Batchelor

Nov 06th 2018
David Batchelor is an artist and writer based in London.

Melanie Manchot

Jul 21st 2016
Melanie Manchot is a London based visual artist who works with photography, film and video as a performative and participatory pr…

Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena

May 05th 2015
Autogena and Portway have worked together since the early 1990’s, developing large scale performances, multimedia installations …

Ruth Ewan

May 05th 2015
Ewan’s work takes many forms including events, installation and printed matter. Her practice explores histories of radical, pol…

Ruth Proctor

May 14th 2014

Fernando García-Dory

Apr 15th 2014
Fernando García-Dory´s collaborative projects involve using art as a means to try to precipitate social change, often addressing…

Bedwyr Williams

Apr 15th 2014
Encompassing performance, sculpture, painting and video, Bedwyr Williams’s practice is characterised by his unique humour and ge…

Aid & Abet

Apr 15th 2014
Aid & Abet was founded in 2010 by artists Sarah Evans, David Kefford and CJ Mahony. Since 2011 Aid & Abet has delivered a varied…

Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt

Jun 10th 2013
The artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt have collaborated since 1992 under the name Winter / Hörbelt. They understand t…

Tania Kovats

Jun 05th 2013
Tania Kovats' practice encompasses sculpture, installation, drawing and time-based works exploring our experience and understand…

Hannah Rickards

Jun 05th 2013
Hannah Rickards work deals with perception and its description; with how one can translate an encounter - be that with a sound, …

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Jun 05th 2013
Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie met while studying at Edinburgh College of Art and have collaborated as artists since 1995. In 2001 …
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