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ARTSCAPERS : Exploring change at the North West Cambridge Development

Jan 18th 2016
The North West Cambridge Development Education Programme kicks off in 2016 exploring how art and the work of artists can help ch…

Press Release - GRAVEL: notes from the other side of the fence

Three artist's projects for the north west cambridge development artist residency programme

New Artists-in-Residence Appointed for the Development

May 05th 2015
The new artists have now been appointed for the third year of the Artist Residency programme of the North West Cambridge Develop…

Team Building Day for North West Cambridge Development project staff

Jun 19th 2014
Organised by the Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts on 5th June 2014

Bookings now open for Festival of Ideas event

Oct 25th 2013
The first Artists in Residence for the University's North West Cambridge development: Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope, Tania Kovats and…

Artist in Residence Programme Officially Launched

Jun 05th 2013
On May 2nd the Artist in Residence Programme for the North West Cambridge Development was officially launched. The inaugural yea…

First Artists in Residence for North West Cambridge Development Appointed

Apr 03rd 2013
Over the next 20 years Cambridge University will undertake the greatest planned expansion in its 800-year history. 'North West C…
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