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Melanie Manchot: Cross Talk 2 and 3

Jan 23rd 2017
Cross Talk 2 and 3

Melanie Manchot

Nov 21st 2016

New Artists-in-Residence Appointed for the Development

May 05th 2015
The new artists have now been appointed for the third year of the Artist Residency programme of the North West Cambridge Develop…

An ebb and flow of sculptures and drawings

Nov 20th 2014
A short text on Aid & Abet's Residency at North West Cambridge Development by Maeve Polkinhorn

Far Fields

Sep 26th 2014
"We have just folded space from Ix… Many machines on Ix…. New machines." The Third Stage Guild Navigator to Emperor Shaddam I…

Tomorrow, Today

Mar 19th 2014
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