In Transit

Feb 13th 2014

Karen & Nina are Hiring! Cob Coordinator for Public Art Project

Feb 10th 2014
March – early / mid June 2014 (Temp / Free-lance, Fee £5,400 including expenses) Freelance temp. contract, full-time hours for 6 week build (April 28 – June 6) with some administrative and organisational work before and after (circa 40 hrs)


Feb 10th 2014
We're beginning the hands-on research for the (very) long term survey we're proposing for NWC

Cambridge Festival of Ideas - Prehistoric-stylee

Nov 20th 2013
Pope & Guthrie's test cob building workshop

Bookings now open for Festival of Ideas event

Oct 25th 2013
The first Artists in Residence for the University's North West Cambridge development: Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope, Tania Kovats and Hannah Rickards discuss and exchange ideas that have emerged from their research within the departments of Archaeology, Astronomy and Earth Sciences. Chaired by Harriet Loffler, Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.

Research Images

Sep 04th 2013

Other Archaeology Sites are Available

Sep 04th 2013
Despite the uninviting title of the 'Awesome Archaeology' day out offered at Flag Fen yesterday we figured it would be churlish not to visit such a significant site so close to Cambridge. We'd also been very drawn to tales of the boats (currently stored at Flag Fen) excavated at Must Farm by some of the archaeologists also working here at North West Cambridge.

Ground Breaking?

Sep 04th 2013
It's several weeks now since the Cambridge University Ground Breaking ceremony we attended to mark, in some way, the beginnings of the new NWC development. In fact as I type now it's a sunny August day and as far as I can tell Karen and I could be the only human presence on the site - installed as we are at the artists' cottages - two of the few buildings which were already on the site and in fact will remain. We have heard many descriptions of the new development that will, over the next 15 odd years, evolve on this site - a carbon positive, community focused, green belt encroaching, visionary design which we are told - and to some extent can believe - will indeed be ground breaking.

Uranometria - Measuring the sky

Aug 05th 2013
Uranometria was a star atlas produced by the lawyer and celestial cartographer Johann Bayer 1572-1625. He was a uranographer, someone that draws the stars. It was published in Augsburg, Germany, in 1603, named after the Greek muse of astronomy Urania, and was the first atlas to cover the entire celestial sphere.

What Lies Beneath?

Jul 24th 2013
Archaeology just might be The New Black. Or The New Rock 'n Roll, what with Richard III and all that. Last week we kicked off our new artists' residency with the archaeologists of Cambridge Archaeological Unit, spending 3 wintery days as volunteers on a dig.

Artist in Residence Programme Officially Launched

Jun 05th 2013
On May 2nd the Artist in Residence Programme for the North West Cambridge Development was officially launched. The inaugural year of the programme was opened with the ceremonial unlocking of the residency cottages on the North West Cambridge site, which have been refurbished specifically for the programme.

First Artists in Residence for North West Cambridge Development Appointed

Apr 03rd 2013
Over the next 20 years Cambridge University will undertake the greatest planned expansion in its 800-year history. 'North West Cambridge', an urban extension to the city of Cambridge, will be a sustainable and ambitious development that aims to cultivate a mixed academic and urban community. The Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts are working in partnership as art advisors on the project, and are collaborating with the University of Cambridge to develop a Public Art Strategy for North West Cambridge. The strategy will deliver a public art programme that centres on a thorough understanding of place, developing a distinctive identity and unique voice for North West Cambridge and setting a standard for public art that has the potential to be a benchmark for best practice, both nationally and internationally. Public engagement is central to the art strategy: this will support the development by creating dynamic community experiences and providing encounters with the artworks.
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