Bedwyr Williams filming in the University of Cambridge Museums

Bedwyr Williams - January 2015

It's been an exciting week of filming in the University of Cambridge Museums. Our Artist in Residence, Bedwyr Williams is making a film that will weave together stories from all of the Museums and the Botanic Gardens as well as the North West Cambridge Site.

The week started with filming a drinks party at Kettle's Yard House, that evening ended with a 'sedate' Conga orchestrated by Bedwyr. The next morning we were up early to film a sword-fight in the Fitzwilliam, then onto the Sedgwick Museum stores filming their incredible collection of rock slides as well as an impressive array of behind-the-scenes toy dinosaurs. On Wednesday we were at the Botanic Gardens filming in the Arid Lands Glasshouse, and at the Polar Museum filming amongst other things, a pair of Arctic Explorer's boots traversing through the Polar Library and joining the Staffs' tea break. The week culminated with the filming of a low-lit Supervision amongst the Classical Sculptures at the Museum of Classical Archaeology.

We very much look forward to premiering Bedwyr's film at the North West Cambridge Site in spring of this year.


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Bedwyr Williams

Encompassing performance, sculpture, painting and video, Bedwyr Williams’s practice is characterised by his unique humour and gentle self-depreciation, both informed in part, by his upbringing in Wales.


University of Cambridge Museums

Bedwyr Williams

April 2014 to March 2015


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