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Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie - September 2013

Despite the uninviting title of the 'Awesome Archaeology' day out offered at Flag Fen yesterday we figured it would be churlish not to visit such a significant site so close to Cambridge. We'd also been very drawn to tales of the boats (currently stored at Flag Fen) excavated at Must Farm by some of the archaeologists also working here at North West Cambridge.

One of the things we're researching is building with mud, so the recreated Bronze and Iron Age roundhouses were atmospheric and good (we didn't spend three summers filming at Kentwell Hall for nothing - we enjoy a recreation as much as anyone!).

But what was REALLY good was the dark wet pit of Bronze Age wooden posts still in situ. Now I know a dark wet pit of old wood doesn't sound that gripping, but maybe it's the combination of the dark and the smell but there really is something very compelling about this space.

We were also captivated but not necessarily in the right way by this final space - described as a 'Dig Tent', where we thought we'd be seeing some actual mud. What you in fact encounter is a room of sanitised finds hidden in rubber granules in an astro-turf lawn. With an invigilator who practically wept as the children present scraped real tools (but apparently the wrong tools) repeatedly over the finds. I'm perhaps making it sound as though we didn't like this bit - actually far from it - the room and experience was so strange and filmic you couldn't help but enjoy it, I'm just not sure it was in the way anyone had intended!

We did also see the boats but they're currently a large wet fridge-like store covered in bubble wrap ...


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Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie met while studying at Edinburgh College of Art and have collaborated as artists since 1995. In 2001 they formed the multi-disciplinary organisation Somewhere that produces ambitious and challenging projects directly engaging with audiences as well as producing films.



Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

May 2013 to April 2014


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