Residency with University of Cambridge Museums - Blog Post 2

Bedwyr Williams - October 2014

IMG_5666.jpegThere's a lot of weaponry in this room in the Fitzwilliam Museum. You could sack a small village or hamlet with a mini bus full of people wielding this gear. I was looking at the armour and trying to picture how people of the time would have perceived it. Film, TV and Americans have meant that it's hard to look at these things without interference. If I was a small peasant boy coughing by a well when someone in a suit of armour galloped by I imagine I would be terrified.


An Orthodontist once told me that I had the biggest jaws in North Wales but that my teeth were very small. These are models of horses teeth in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science. I wonder when the last time was that somebody built a bespoke display box for horse teeth.


This Polar Bear in Scott Polar Research Institute has been deep cleaned. The blue edging looks like a coastline as if it were an island. It would be a boring island apart from the the head region and the nether regions.


There are a lot of boots in storage at the Scott Polar Research Institute with little tags noting the temperatures they were used in. The shoes look as if they are from another, very cold, reality. These blue boots fascinate me and make me cross at the same time there is something reminiscent of nineties club wear about them.


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Bedwyr Williams

Encompassing performance, sculpture, painting and video, Bedwyr Williams’s practice is characterised by his unique humour and gentle self-depreciation, both informed in part, by his upbringing in Wales.


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Bedwyr Williams

April 2014 to March 2015


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