Slow and Steady Progress

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie - May 2014

Thanks to Chris Evans from the Cambridge Archaeological Unit we have these two lovely aerial images (taken by Paul Bailey) of the Tomorrow, Today model making slow but steady progress across the site. Originally our hope had been that there would be archaeological activity within the actual site for the model but as it turns out the two sites have almost started to mirror each other - there was very little digging on 'our' side (to the right of the image) but more than expected on the other side. With each day as the model grows the visual and actual connections between the two sites become more marked ...
When you make a project like this you always hope these things will work - but when they really do it's a very nice feeling indeed!



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Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie met while studying at Edinburgh College of Art and have collaborated as artists since 1995. In 2001 they formed the multi-disciplinary organisation Somewhere that produces ambitious and challenging projects directly engaging with audiences as well as producing films.



Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

May 2013 to April 2014


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