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Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie - June 2014

'Tomorrow, Today' is the ambitious temporary landform we've been creating in Cambridge over the last few weeks with six fantastic hard working teams of volunteers. For the next three weekends there's a chance to visit the site and see the work in all its muddy glory - if you come this Saturday we'll be there too - no doubt adding the last handfuls of cob!

Open Days - 11am - 4pm daily
6, 7, 8th June
13,14,15th June
20, 21, 22nd June

The project evolved out of our residency with the Department of Archaeology and taking part in the excavations by Cambridge Archaeological Unit preceding the advancing Development. This experience of the diggers' painstaking direct engagement with the past informed our proposal to create this evocation of the site's future, using the excavated earth and manual labour of a new 'cob community' who would claim the space temporarily and work alongside the archaeologists completing excavations on the adjacent site.

The work invites the audience to actively contemplate the site's past and the future community and townscape that will be built here over the coming years. The 1:12.5 scale 'model village of the future' was hand-built on site by volunteer teams using ancient cob building techniques, made primarily from the materials excavated during the archaeological survey.

'Tomorrow, Today' will eventually be buried carefully beneath the soil level as the actual development begins, its trace visible only from the air - perhaps to be uncovered one day by archaeologists of the future.



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Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie met while studying at Edinburgh College of Art and have collaborated as artists since 1995. In 2001 they formed the multi-disciplinary organisation Somewhere that produces ambitious and challenging projects directly engaging with audiences as well as producing films.



Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

May 2013 to April 2014


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