Aid & Abet

Aid & Abet was founded in 2010 by artists Sarah Evans, David Kefford and CJ Mahony. Since 2011 Aid & Abet has delivered a varied programme of exhibitions and events from a project space in Cambridge alongside a series of offsite projects across the UK that have enabled artists to experiment, take risks as well as collaborate and exchange.  This diverse artistic programme has encouraged participants to engage with cross-disciplinary practice in both creative and critical ways, fostering a three way relationship between artist, artwork and audience.

Aid & Abet is currently led by Sarah Evans and David Kefford.


Sarah Evans
1998 MA European Fine Art, Winchester School of Art
1995 BA Fine Art, Reading University

David Kefford
1999 MA Fine Art, university of Brighton
1996 BA Fine Art, university of humberside

Selected Exhibitions
Demolition, curated by Aid & Abet's Associate Artists 2014
Zero is Immense, Tom Dale 2013
An Unnatural Theatre, group show curated by CJ Mahony 2013
Like a Monkey with a Miniature Cymbal , group show curated by Gordon Dalton 2013
Easy Does It, group show curated by Kevin Hunt 2013
Landmark Seizures, group project curated by Sender Broken 2013
We Object, group show curated by Benedict Drew 2013
Temporary Residence, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge - group show curated by Aid & Abet 2013
Arriba, Jem Finer 2012
Dark Hours | Fixed Space - group show curated by Aid & Abet 2012
Roaming, group show 2012
¡supercomputer! residency, Jem Finer 2012
Associate's Take Over 2012
Spectral Flip - Antoni Malinowski 2012
Repair 2012
Bibliotheque launch 2012
Space Exchange 2011
Art as a Full Time Hobby 2011
Small Scale Survival 2011

Selected Events
Monomania Festival, Cambridge Junction and Aid & Abet 2014
Sluice Art Fair, London 2013
The Manchester Contemporary, Manchester 2013
Process Form Image – Experimental Film 2013
Noise Improve and Sound 2013
INIVA, pop up art fair, London 2012
Vane in the Bibliotheque 2012
Constructive Interference (music/performance event) 2012
Psychic Power of Plants (workshop) 2012
Tower – David Ryan (film screening and performance) 2012
Transition Shop in the Bibliotheque 2012
Airtime – AIR networking event 2012
Refraction and Reflection – salon 2012
Sluice Art Fair, London 2011
exhaustion and exuberance, Eastside Projects Birmingham 2011





Land Economy

Aid & Abet

April 2014 to March 2015



Being curious

Musing, wondering and wandering time is essential for generating creative ideas.

ArtScapers have been curious through prospecting and exploring.


Making something together and sharing ideas.

ArtScapers have explored co-creating by planning a cityscape, creating an exhibition, making up enormous numbers together.


Time spent slowing down, noticing and considering.

ArtScapers have been reflecting whilst collecting, revisiting, thinking about space.


GRAVEL: notes from the other side of the fence

Jun 11th 2015
View photographs of the exhibition and programme of events that took place 28-30 May 2015. Featuring works by artists B…

Press Release - GRAVEL: notes from the other side of the fence

Three artist's projects for the north west cambridge development artist residency programme


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