I think [being an ArtScaper] means to look at something and make your own ideas. Then, just think of the idea you thought of before and mix it up so you can make something even bigger and newer. And then just design it and then you can just find stuff that might be used in the future and use those stuff to help you build it.
Jared, 8, Student

Being an ArtScaper is about being a member of a community in which everyone engages freely, plays seriously, and creates artistically whilst exploring and grappling with issues related to community development. ArtScapers work together; they build, they imagine, they design and redesign. They are collaborative, curious, and inclusive. They are open and welcoming to change and they are NW Cambridge's ambassadors for the future.
Gabby Arenge, researcher 

What do ArtScapers do?

Being an ArtScaper involves being in an art collective making creative responses to the site and beyond, thinking creatively in relation to prompts and questions around the development themes and work made by previous artists. ArtScapers takes an open ended approach in which creative activity provides new modes of relating to Cambridge as a developing city. The programme invites children and their communities to join in creatively with the process of change.

Alongside children we have created some tools or ways of working that are helping us to build an ArtScaping community. Together we are exploring change in our local landscape. To do this we have created an ArtScaping model that is built around five core values, they are: being curious, imagining, reflecting, co-creating, looking differently. ArtScapers use these to develop lines of enquiry.

We invite you to join in and be an ArtScaper too.

In ArtScapers, we went to a whole new world. ArtScapers was basically in the future. So it was basically for me a whole new world because I hardly ever go to places like that.
Jared 8, Student


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Being curious

Musing, wondering and wandering time is essential for generating creative ideas.

ArtScapers have been curious through prospecting and exploring.


Making something together and sharing ideas.

ArtScapers have explored co-creating by planning a cityscape, creating an exhibition, making up enormous numbers together.


Consider the world anew.

ArtScapers have been imagining by recycling houses, designing a new city.

Looking Differently

Making the familiar strange.

ArtScapers have explored looking differently by scaling things up, recycling yourself, tuning in to the sky, grouping objects, renaming.


Time spent slowing down, noticing and considering.

ArtScapers have been reflecting whilst collecting, revisiting, thinking about space.

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