2013 Residency Outcomes - Hannah Rickards

Jun 30th 2014

Hannah Rickards: On Spatial Configurations 2014
A2 sized poster, 200 copies available to pick up free at various locations in Cambridge

Hannah Rickards project entitled On Spatial Configurations, reflects her research during her Residency at the University of Cambridge's Earth Sciences department. She produced an A2 artwork in the form of a double-sided poster that is available for the public to take away at Kettles Yard, the Polar Museum and the Sedgwick Museums.

During her Residency Hannah Rickards spent time researching in the libraries of both the Earth Sciences department and the Scott Polar Research Institute, and she became fascinated by the different scales and inscriptions of time she found in the images of geological strata and landscapes in Geological Journals in both libraries. On Spatial Configurations explores the relationship between geological time, landscape and the moving image. Hannah Rickards also explored this theme during her Residency by organizing a screening of Michael Snow's, La Région Centrale, 1970-71 at the Arts Picturehouse Cinema in January 2014, followed by a panel discussion which took place at the Department of Earth Sciences to discuss the film.

Hannah Rickards states: "I am interested in the notion of geological time and its duration in relation to recording media: to moving image, photography or sound and to the relationship between the still and the moving image.  My interest is therefore in how the application of a geological temporality might affect a reading of landscape and space in relation to a sense of time, with the objects, landscapes, spaces and materials themselves being recordings of a process." 



Click here to watch video of the Panel Discussion on Michael Snow's film, La Région Centrale 1970-71, with panelists: Hannah Rickards, Jason Dungan (artist), Graham Ellard (Professor of Fine Art at Central Saint Martins) and Neil Henderson (Principal Lecturer for Film and Media at Anglia Ruskin University). January 2014



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Earth Sciences

Hannah Rickards

May 2013 to April 2014



Hannah Rickards

Hannah Rickards work deals with perception and its description; with how one can translate an encounter - be that with a sound, an object, a space or an image.
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