Aid & Abet Workshop about the North West Cambridge Development with MPhil Land Economy Students

Dec 03rd 2014

Thanks to all the MPhil Land Economy Students and Dr Elisabete Silva who took part in Aid & Abet's workshop about the North West Cambridge Development on 3 December 2014 at the Land Economy Department.  

After David Kefford gave a talk introducing the North West Cambridge Development and Aid & Abet's Residency there, we were given black and white aerial photographic print-outs of the North West Cambridge Development as well as plans of Phase 1 of the Development to add our own imaginary interventions to with a choice of materials - colourful rubber bands, chalks, felt-tip pens, paper-clips, string, pins and tacks.  

After the making we discussed our creations, interesting ideas came up about the importance of creating private, quiet spaces for contemplation and reading alongside the more public open spaces -  places for students to get away from the tourists' gaze.  

Other ideas stressed the relevance of making connections outside of the Development site to the rest of the city; the role of landmarks in way-finding; creating a sense of shelter and protection in such a flat and open landscape; creating water-ways that would irrigate an area for growing and linking the veteran oak with trees on the periphery of the site through green corridors.

We look forward to the students visiting the site and artists studio in the New Year.




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