North West Cambridge Commissions

Permanent public art commissions will be developed in partnership with the Development Design Team for key points through the town and landscape of the site. Artists are asked to respond to the character and context of the Development, to produce artworks that have a resonance and meaning for its communities now and in the future. Created over the lifetime of the construction period, permanent works of varying scale and media will be integrated into and animate public spaces and natural landscapes.

Recent Commissions

Ripple-Marked Radiance (after Hertha Ayrton)

Oct 22nd 2019
Yelena Popova’s tapestry Ripple-Marked Radiance (after Hertha Ayrton), for the Storey's Field Community Centre is the final chapter in the first phase of public art commissions for the North West Cambridge Development. It celebrates human invention, exemplified through a reading of the work of pioneering scientist Hertha Ayrton.

Eddington – David Batchelor Commission

Dec 20th 2018
The fourth permanent artwork to be realised for Eddington (the North West Cambridge Development), Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain by artist David Batchelor, draws inspiration from Cambridge scholar Sir Isaac Newton.

Fata Morgana Teahouse & Pixel Wall

Jun 10th 2013
The North West Cambridge Development appointed Winter and Hörbelt to the first commission on its ambitious public art programme. The brief asked for an artist to join the landscape design team to develop a significant landmark work which will be located alongside the western edge adjacent to the M11 Motorway. The resulting artwork will be the first visible evidence…



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