Watch the video of Fernando García-Dory's Seminar at GRAVEL on 30 May 2015 - Transition, Ben Vickers and Rajiv Chelani

Jun 22nd 2015

Dwelling Model: Unsettled Research Centre for Sustainability and the Built Environment

What if a city of tomorrow was being built just around the corner? Artist Fernando García-Dory, Dr Heather Cruickshank (Centre for Sustainable Development), Rajiv Chelani (Cambridge Living Future Community), Anna McIvor and Nicola Terry (Transition Cambridge) and Ben Vickers (Unmonastery) discuss and reflect on sustainability in the built environment.



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Fernando García-Dory

Fernando García-Dory´s collaborative projects involve using art as a means to try to precipitate social change, often addressing attitudes towards food production, community and tradition.
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