Press Release - GRAVEL: notes from the other side of the fence


Habitation, the Artist Residency Programme for the University of Cambridge's North West Cambridge Development, will open to the public on 29th and 30th May 2015 with an exhibition of artworks entitled GRAVEL: notes from the other side of the fence. Featuring film screenings, installations, seminar and entertainment for the opening night, the exhibition takes place in locations at Gravel Hill Farm, the beating heart of the University of Cambridge's development of a new district for Cambridge.

Managed and curated by the Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts, the Habitation Artist Residency Programme forms the backbone of the public art strategy for the Development. The artists are the first inhabitants of the site and participate in research collaborations with University of Cambridge departments to produce a range of creative responses that engender a sense of place for the new community.

The public event will feature new works by each of the artists who participated in the yearlong residency.

Bedwyr Williams, Century Egg - Film

The film Century Egg by Bedwyr Williams takes the viewer on an imaginative and witty sojourn through the collections of the University of Cambridge Museums as well as the North West Cambridge Development site.

Fernando García-Dory, Dwelling Model: Unsettled Research Centre for Sustainability and the Built Environment - Installation

Fernando García-Dory has devised an installation and Seminar to discuss and reflect on sustainability in the built environment in relation to the North West Cambridge Development.

Aid & Abet, The Soft Landscape: Fieldwork - Exhibition

Aid & Abet display sculptures, drawings, photographs and films made during their Residency, all works relate to the land surrounding the studio at Gravel Hill Farm

Helen Nisbet, Art Consultant, Contemporary Art Society said:

The second year of the Habitation Artist Residency Programme has brought artists local to Cambridge together with those working internationally and the projects born out of this new community have been a pleasure to witness. Their works in this show have paved exciting new directions in the practice of all of the artists, which is testament to the programme's ambition and the rich context of the University.

The North West Cambridge Development will create a new district and extension to the city, the greatest planned expansion for the University of Cambridge in its history. The development is centred on a mixed academic and urban community that allows the city and the university to expand sustainably.

GRAVEL: notes from the other side of the fence will be open to the public on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May, 10am – 5pm

For further information on the North West Cambridge development and public art strategy, contact:

Helen Nisbet, Art Consultant, Contemporary Art Society +44 (0)20 7017 8408

For all press enquiries, contact:

Marcus Crofton, Communications Manager,Contemporary Art Society +44 (0)20 7017 8412

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Aid & Abet

Aid & Abet was founded in 2010 by artists Sarah Evans, David Kefford and CJ Mahony. Since 2011 Aid & Abet has delivered a varied programme of exhibitions and events from a project space in Cambridge alongside a series of offsite projects across the UK that have enabled artists to experiment, take risks as well as collaborate and exchange.

Bedwyr Williams

Encompassing performance, sculpture, painting and video, Bedwyr Williams’s practice is characterised by his unique humour and gentle self-depreciation, both informed in part, by his upbringing in Wales.

Fernando García-Dory

Fernando García-Dory´s collaborative projects involve using art as a means to try to precipitate social change, often addressing attitudes towards food production, community and tradition.
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